What is your reaction when your internet goes down? Better yet, how is your relationship with technology overall?

Not sure how to answer? Or better yet, don’t want to?

Here is a useful proxy instead: How far away is your phone from your hand right now?

According to a 2019 Nielson Report, the average US adult spends around 11 hours each day listening to, watching, reading, or interacting with the media. …

I’m an extremely competitive person.

In fact, I’m still waiting for my Catan ban to be lifted after a particularly intense board flipping incident caused by a sudden and dramatic loss.

Don’t even get me started on my Chess ban — I’m desperately craving a place to channel my Queen’s Gambit energy. With COVID and lockdown, unfortunately these days my partner gets the brunt of my competitive streak. Poor guy. 🙁

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Daniel Craig and I will still hate the player though.

In other life scenarios, I’d like to think I am more amiable than aggressive. But there’s just something about numbers and points. They turn me into this hyper aggressive…

A subtle yet cataclysmic shift in my personal development happened when I learned a valuable word.

Michael Scott says it more eloquently than I ever could.

A lot of who I am now is attributed to the ripple effect of using the word ‘no ‘ more often. Small, but powerful, the word ‘No’ carries a lot of weight to it — in terms of my own life trajectory, things began to change for the better when I started to say ‘no’ more.

To myself and my own impulses.
To work that did not excite me.
To obligations that came at the expense of my own needs.

“The art of leadership

Disclaimer: I know very little about sports.

But it’s fascinating to observe from the outside (AKA overhearing my husband during draft pick season).

Each sport has their own technical jargon that isn’t always understandable to someone at first glance, but one term I did pick up on is the concept of a playbook: a book of strategies for victory. It represents a series of plays a player can take for offensive, defensive, and special plays.

Side note: Do you ever just think about HIMYM and get really mad

Over the years, I realized that I’ve accumulated a number of different strategies and techniques to help me 1) get work done and 2) do…

The hammer is the most essential tool in anyone’s toolbox. As a city girl that only really builds IKEA furniture, I would know. JK, ya girl verified this on Google.

If you can, get yourself one that shoots lightning too. Double win.

As a productive girl however, I can vouch that the Eisenhower Matrix is a hammer in your productivity toolbox.

I do like to think of myself as a productive and organized person, but this does not mean I’m not subject to overwhelm, decision paralysis, or procrastination.

In moments like this, what often helps me the most is doing a quick Eisenhower Matrix exercise to simplify and triage the items in…

If there is one fundamental principle I live by, it is to remember the second law of thermodynamics: everything is subject to entropy and decay (and eventual death).

Minus the drama, it basically means everything is always falling apart slowly.

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Print by DH Designed
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After a certain point, the majority of your energy is not spent on creation, but maintenance. This means preventing orderly systems from falling into disorder.

AKA chaos.

Existence, as it seems, is chiefly maintenance.

Kevin Kelly, The Inevitable

How often have you experienced a situation where you start the day happy and sunny, coffee in hand but it quickly devolves…

Yina Huang

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